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Committed to excellence in every aspect of quality


Internal Quality

Appropriate choice of Measuring Instrument/Equipment.

  • According to the Geometry / Characteristics / Dimension and Tolerance of the part;

  • Appropriate choice of Nominal Range and Resolution of the Measuring Instrument/Equipment .

Acceptance Criteria

  • Definition of Acceptance Criteria for Measuring Equipment/Instruments.

Calibration Management of Calibrators and Measuring Instruments (Monitoring / Maintenance Control).

MSA (Measurement System Analysis).

CEP (Statistical Process Control).

Sampling Plan (NBR 5426 / 5427)

Final Quality Control Inspection

Inspection Procedure

  • Standardization of the inspection method in a clear and objective way, enabling robustness and reliability in Final Inspections and in a standardized way with the Production Process.

Audit in Manufacturing Process;

  • It makes it possible to act preventively in detecting non-conformities, preventing the problem from reaching the Final Inspection.

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