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Have you ever imagined reducing the SETUP time of your company's machines by up to 80%?

But after all, what is SMED?

In Portuguese it means Quick Tool Change , and it is a method that aims to reduce the time required to execute the setup operation so that the time is less than ten minutes, that is, a number expressed in a single digit.


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Map the current setup operation

Regardless of the existence of a procedure for this operation, for SMED, it is crucial to monitor, observe and record each step of the setup, involving different production lines, shifts and even operators.

Separate operations into internal and external setup

The objective of this step is to distinguish internal setup activities (when the production line needs to be inoperative) and external setup activities (when the production line can be in operation).

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Optimize internal and external setup operation

The objective of the third phase of SMED is to optimize these steps, so that each of the known and performed tasks goes through a careful sequence of fulfillment: eliminate, combine, reduce or simplify.

(Always focusing on transforming internal steps into external steps)

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Try-out and examine the new setup operation

After achieving a more efficient way of executing the setup by optimizing internal and external activities, the next step is to test the new operation in different shifts, operators, production lines and products.

It is by carrying out this test that other adjustments and small changes can be examined seeking excellence in this operation.

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Standardize the new setup operation

Since setup time has been drastically reduced in the processes involved in applying SMED, the task now is to ensure that compliance with this new procedure is actually maintained by operators.

Establishing a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is a common metric.

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To optimize even the most complicated processes with the advantages of SMED, we have a highly qualified team of 10 senior consultants and more than 20 years of experience.

Do you want to reduce costs and increase productivity in your business?

Reduce changeover times by up to 50%

Capacity increase

Cost reduction

Speed/Cast Time

Inventory reduction

Improved workflow


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