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Development Mentoring Professional with Marcio Cupido

"My purpose in life is to boost people's development and professional growth !"

I am CEO of the company DMH GROUP , creator of the DPS Method for Career Mentoring and user of 10 Fundamental Pillars in Mentoring for High Performance Leadership.

With over 30 years of professional experience in the industry, I am a dedicated Mentor committed to helping professionals like you reach their full potential.

My experience , aligned with practical application for different people and companies, qualifies me to offer you excellent guidance in my Mentoring.

Mentor Marcio Cupido

About me

Experience in Management and Leadership

  • I worked as Executive Manager in the areas of Operations, Management and Quality Assurance and Process Engineering ,   accumulating a solid career full of challenges overcome.

  • I have more than 20 years of experience as a People Manager, leading teams and developing high-performance talent .

  • I am an active Master Mind Member of the renowned Global Mentoring Group.
    Where I share knowledge and improve my skills as a mentor.

Certifications and Training

  • Triple International Certification in Mentoring by the Global Mentoring Group: I obtained solid training in mentoring, acquiring the necessary skills to guide and support mentees on their professional development journeys.

  • Training in Methodology ( Advanced VDM) with Mentor Mr. Jonas Kaz.
    Through this methodology, I developed advanced
    planning and   career direction, providing transformative results for my mentees.

  • Master Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma

  • LEAN GOVERNANCE   (Startup Advisors)

  • My continuous improvement, aligned with practical application with people and companies,
    accredited to offer you excellent career and leadership mentoring.

  • IBCPA Advisory Advisor

  • ABICANN Advisory Advisor

Academic education

  • Bachelor's Degree in Production Engineering

  • Bachelor of Accounting Sciences

  • MBA in Production Engineering

  • MBA in Project Management

  • MBA in Quality Management

I am committed to applying all my knowledge and experience to boost your professional success .

Watch on   video   a little more about me and the methods developed

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